One of my favourite human beings, Gemma Griffiths is releasing her DEBUT EP this coming May in London, UK. The young lady who stormed to fame after doing covers of Winky D’s Musarova Bigman and Jah Prayzah’s Mudara Achauya is set to have a pre-EP Launch Party and her single (My Town) launch on the 6th of April in Harare, Zimbabwe.

If you are in Harare, make sure you attend at Tamasha (2 Aberdeen Road) near second street extension. The event starts at 6:30pm and limited tickets are available at Cafe Nush in Avondale and Borrowdale.

I managed to have a quick Q n A with here, check below:

Question: What can the fans expect on the 6th of April when you host your ‘Pre-EP and Single launch’ party?

Gemma: As so many of the people attending have been a huge part of my musical journey so far – I want to create an atmosphere that hasn’t been seen before – something unique and captivating – a night to remember.


Question: Can you tell us a bit about the single that you will be launching, ‘My Town’?

Gemma: I wrote it in Cape Town – it’s a lot more full band than Irony- and it’s the title track of the EP. It’s also got my favorite brass instrument on it – the flugelhorn horn.


Question: What is the title of your EP and is there a story behind it?

Gemma: The EP is called My Town – named after the main single. Each song has an individual story behind it but they weave together through stages too.


Question: How many tracks does it contain and what are some of the themes that you explored on this particular project?

Gemma: There are 4 tracks on the EP. I explored heartbreak, recovery and conviction through the songs on the project


Question: How does it feel finally being able to put out your debut EP?

Gemma: It is so exciting- we’ve been working towards this for a while and it is so nice to have music coming out and to show people what we were doing all those hours in the studio.

Question: What do you hope that this EP will give, not only to the fans but the industry as a whole?

Gemma: I hope it will be something that hasn’t quite been heard before – something unique and something people can’t quite put their finger on.

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